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  1. Hey Emma, I completely agree with you, and no one will really understand unless they have been in these situations. I am a stay at home mom, and not by choice, we can’t afford child care, and don’t have relatives that would offer it either. I love my daughter, but it is exhausting. I envy my husband getting to go to work and that be the end of his worries for the day. No sleepless nights because he works, no screaming tantrums, no getting critisized for not doing “enough” housework because it can’t be that difficult to watch, feed, bathe, calm, put to sleep, handle our daughter and do every chore in 8 hours, oh and don’t forget needing to be in a great mood too 😂. I appreciate him bringing home a paycheck, but I would love to feel appreciated too, and have money that I don’t have to have a reason to spend, I have to ask for approval to buy something that isn’t groceries. We are a young couple 24 and 25 with a 10 month old and another on the way, I completely relate to your comic and it was nice to not feel alone. And don’t get me wrong I Love my husband.


    1. “I envy my husband getting to go to work and that be the end of his worries for the day.”

      Much respect for the work that you do, but I must take exception to this sentence. If your husband’s job is like most other jobs out there, he is most certainly not worry-free there.


      1. Good point Nigel. It can even be generalized further: The world is full of suffering said a famous and 2.5k year old teacher. When we point the finger, based on a misunderstanding, towards those around us who are good at hiding their suffering, and blame them to be enjoying life while we, on the inside, are so clearly full of suffering, we are under a very very wrong impression. Another old teacher puts it as: “Know the truth and that will set you free.” You are actually free, but don’t seem to know or realize it. Did you choose to have a baby? And another one? Or, did you feel like you had to do it? I don’t know. The truth is for you to find out, within.
        Further, do we really need to be appreciated? And how are we so sure that we are not already?
        Here is another generalization if it helps any person out there who feel like they are not getting the appreciation they deserve: you don’t need it. But, you got it already. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You simply do not know that you are appreciated. Not lucky enough to have a wise soul show you that they really, really appreciate you just as you are.. (Look down to the face of your child who is asleep. They do appreciate you. But, you know, they got the colic and also trying to figure out the darn realities of life 🙂 So, cut them some slack when they don’t seem to appreciate you being around..
        Fun to have a conversation here, but gotta go. Be still. And know that you are extraordinary, regardless of what the voice in the mind seem to be shouting inside. Love. (Not just from me to you, but, the imperative: love, cause that’s your deepest truth, i.e., you are love)


  2. Ok.
    One person wrote a comic. A bunch of people read it, i.e. you guys.
    You all left jerky comments. Maybe you didn’t mean them to be. I get it, we all make mistakes. But they were.
    And now like half of you are in a freaking war.
    Is it just me or is this comments page an exact replica of real life?
    Is it just me or does that totally suck?
    Can we all stop? Please? I just wanted a slice a life comic, I didn’t want to join a battle.


  3. I have been in a toxic relationship and I can relate to this so much… However, my life turned around by 180 degrees when I left his lazy ass and decided to never live with a man again, which at least freed me of half of the housework. It took a really special person to convince me otherwise.

    Now I am living the dream with the most caring and reliable partner I could have ever dreamt of. He is sharing the chores, but also organizing together with me, thoughtful of the details. Often, I come home to find he thought to do stuff I forgot and vice versa. Our household isn’t perfect but on a level we both can accept. Still, we both are successful in our jobs (not THAT successful we could afford domestic aid, nor would we want one), but enough to be content. He would probably think it’s taken for granted and not accept praise from me, but I know the reality out there is that he’s one in a million.

    So it IS possible to live in a relationship and still both care for each other yet have time for themselves.

    The only way to make this the standard is to teach this responsibility to our sons from the beginning.

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  4. I agree with so much of this! I remember early on in our marriage just begging him to anticipate my needs. He replied that he wasn’t a mind reader. So I would give him example after example. If even one dish is dirty, I suggested that he just wash it. So he would… partly. Food would still be dried to it. So I would try to teach him how, and he complained that he couldn’t do it good enough for my standards… trust me that lead to a long argument.

    So I stopped doing anything that wasn’t dire. And he was fine with that until he’d get frustrated and do it himself. I’d tell him, I married a man, not a child, and I know his momma taught him better than that.

    But then I started to think about how he thinks. Any new or ‘new-to-him’ project he does, he has to go to the store for parts more than actually working on the project. Why was he like that? I found out he’s not alone. There are alot of other men like that too.
    They won’t admit to it, but they don’t see the details, they see the whole picture. They don’t see the steps leading up to something, they just see the end result. Unlike women, they compartmentalize tasks, single-minded in their objective. I can’t say that this is something by nature or by nurture, but it’s how my husband’s brain is wired. (Funny cause he’s an electrician)

    Now at work, he can do these tasks, without even thinking they are so ingrained, but at home his brain has the luxury just vegging out.

    We women don’t have that luxury. I think men believe (or make the excuse) that women are “just better at this job” (we aren’t). We’ve done it longer, it should be second nature, right? Big Nope! Or we were trained for this by our moms? Another Big Nope! We are forced on this job 24/7 because we do it out of love. That’s it.

    We love you. So show some gratitude and LOOK FOR WAYS TO HELP, Really Search like it’s a treasure hunt and your marriage is the damsel in distress! This search means you value our time, our sanity, and our love. Men are not idiots, they can be geniuses if they need to be. I, for one, refuse to let my husband and sons play dumb.

    That being said, If allowed, I also promise to take time after work to let him rest, vent, and unwind before starting this new task. I know I have issues and need time retracting my tendrils from one task to start another.

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  5. I’ve lived with, and had children with, two partners – and neither of them has really helped me much with the housework or childcare. Many of my friends are in the same situation.

    I’m a straight male. So am I living in some kind of parallel universe or is this some kind of huge overgeneralisation? It just seemed rather sexist and unhelpful to me.

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    1. Same here. But I found this is apparently not the forum to add this perspective.
      This space is for supporting the narrative that women have it hard because men are oblivious. Sharing any other lived experience is “derailing”, etc…

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      1. You’re probably right that this isn’t the forum for that discussion, but not because it’s a man-hating forum.

        It’s because there is a specific problem being discussed on this page, and a “not all men” response really detracts from the conversation.

        Let’s be honest, Hugo; while your experience is absolutely sincere, it isn’t the norm. Kudos to you for being on top of things in your household, though! I, and the guys I know, fall into the mold as described in this article. It’s the far more common occurrence, simply put.

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  6. Some days I’m so exhausted and stressed out an resentful that I feel like I may have a heart attack. Then I realize that if I was dead I wold never have to laundry again and I actually feel better.


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