Where does it go ?

I published this comic in french a few months ago and some very awesome readers offered to translate it.
Thanks a lot to Laurence Kozera, Jo Nicoud-Garden and Eloise Lanaud for this huge work !
Also, I’m sorry that most of the links are in french because it’s really important to me that sources are available to readers, but I was unable to find equivalents. Feel free to add some in the comments section though.
Hope you’ll enjoy this read !

12 thoughts on “Where does it go ?

  1. Hello, Emma This is just to tell you that I almost deleted your email without reading it, because it was among a lot of junk, but, for some reason, I didn’t. That has been the best thing I’ve done this morning so far. It took me several minutes to read it, but what a time well spent! Congratulations for your wonderful job! The content is thorough and so good!!! Can’t say it enough. Loved it! Send me more, please! Fabiana Meira


  2. I absolutely love this! I love how you break down not only the issues but also what contributes to the issues and different ways in which the issues can be managed or resolved. A worldwide unlearning is required to mitigate/ eliminate the damage of patriarchal thinking.


    1. My hubby doesn’t mind living in a mess. He doesn’t do his bed, works at a cluttered dusty desk, and his clothes cupboard is always a mess. He is often heard asking me for his shorts/socks/handkerchiefs.
      Laundry will sit in the basket until he runs out of things to wear, whence upon he would rather go buy new clothes than do the mountain of laundry. When he does do the laundry, he uses up too much detergent and runs a heavy load where a smaller scoop of detergent would have sufficed. Doesn’t think about washing colors and white separately! The clothes lie out in the sun, drying for days together..which leads to faded clothes.
      In the kitchen it’s always, hold this for me, look and learn fr me how it’s done, you are doing it wrong, I can’t find the knife/spoon/salt. I could go on.
      I am a full time home maker doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, wiping, scrubbing,planning meals, shopping for groceries, getting handymen to fix broken appliances, calling up customer care and sometimes looking up things on the internet on how to fix stuff around the house. I also take care of a ten year old child, buy her school stuff, ensure homework and assignments are done and attend parent teacher meetings without him. He just cant attend those, they take up half of his Saturday.
      There’s nothing that can be done about this entire system unless one partner is willing to shed their ego.
      I could so relate to this while comic.. thank you for getting it translated. Precious content. Appreciated much.


  3. Simply brilliant, real and funny. Made my morning. This was such a empowering read! Luv luv luv it! You have to be or have been a mother with young children, or a family of more than two to really comprehend this illustration. As a grandmother, great grandmother and mother, Lord knows, I’ve been there and done this more times than I can count…..This is your calling, are you listening?


    1. I have to disagree. My partner and I have no children. We do have a dog that requires care. I still very much relate to this. I may not need clean dishes to feed a child but I work from home and need to eat lunch between meetings. This is all still quite relevant to my life.


  4. Keep going! I read all your posts and some are life changing (emotional load) I am lucky to have a fabulous husband who does more than half the chores. We divide certain other loads – he does finance, I do food and furbabies. I just loved the concepts you explain so well. Thank you!


  5. The comic was wonderful, and it gives a clear idea of how emotional it is to get negative enforcement. I don`t have a husband but I got some ideas that might work for me in the future.


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