Do you want me to do it ? (no)

A message to guys : taking your part of the mental load is not asking what you can do to “help”, but it is not finish our current task once we are embarked in it either !

It is knowing BY YOURSELF what must be done. Just take 10 seconds so scan the room around you ๐Ÿ™ƒ

A good resolution for 2019 isn’t it?ย ๐Ÿ˜



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11 thoughts on “Do you want me to do it ? (no)

    1. Men are capable of taking responsibility. They don’t need women to direct them in every single moment of their lives. This man is asking for specific direction so he doesn’t have to do the simple mental work of LOOKING AROUND for himself. It’s infuriating, lazy, and making excuses for it enables this behavior.

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    2. But when you have a husband that is very logical and has a snide comment for everything it’s hard to communicate with a person like that.


  1. Funny, my wife does this exact thing. “I didn’t know you wanted that cleaned up too… It’s been there for days/weeks since I left it there…”

    It goes both ways. And no, I’m not perfect.


    1. Why does YOUR WIFE have to direct you? Use your brain and clean your own house. Take responsibility for yourself and stop making her bear the management and the mental work.


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