10 thoughts on “The Consequences

  1. All of this is so true, and it didn’t even touch on the mental load involved in grocery shopping and meal preparation. It takes more than the time it takes to so it, there is also the planning that goes into what do we need? When will I shop? Where do I need to go? When will this food prep get done?

    Another area that was missed was the social aspect of life. Going to celebrate a special event with family or friends? What will we bring? Do we need to get a gift or card? Make sure we wrap the gift. Do we have a special occasion coming up? Who should be included? Have we checked in with your parents lately?

    Guests coming over? What needs to be cleaned? Is there enough tissue in the bathroom? Clean towels? Are they staying the night? We need to wash the sheets for the guest bed.

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  2. So true, and do also add chauffering kids around and making sure they are doing well in school and extra curricular activities so they are ‘well rounded individuals’ when they apply for prestigious universities or jobs.. and the taking care of old parents and in laws which is rather significant in some cultures.


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