Let go … then what ?

Once again I’m invited to a “Mental Load” conference directed to women, based on how to “let go”. How to do less, how to accept chores not to be done as well as we would have.

I’m so TIRED of this. Once again, responsibility relies on women, always too demanding, too controlling, too everything ! Whereas men would be those kind of big kids unable to vacuum correctly. This is upsetting for everyone !

So what happens when we “let go”, if men don’t take over ? Well, the dishes rot in the sink, children miss their vaccines and wear clothes too small for them, the school canteen remains unpaid and the fridge empty.

When will there be a conference aimed to men, to advise them about how to take their part ?

lacher prise EN

14 thoughts on “Let go … then what ?

    1. Dear Emma
      Merci beaucoup~
      We laughed till we cried! Your work, your writing, is so funny, but so true!

      Pls put up a Donation/Buy Page so that readers far away can pay you

      All the best,
      Readers in Canada


    1. Reminds me of my husband. If I had to go away on a business trip, I’d get a call from my oldest who said she ended up doing everything – from cooking up to laundry. When I got home, my husband said he did everything – the cooking and the cleaning and the laundry. My son never complained. I assume that he didn’t feel it necessary to complain because maybe he didn’t do anything?


  1. Women need to speak up and discuss with your man prior to commitment to unprotected sex (which can lead to disease or unwanted babies.) Don’t wait until you are in a heightened sexual event and try to have a discussion. That WON’T happen.
    You may end up with a baby you don’t want, have an abortion, have a baby that has to be adopted or marry someone you really don’t love.
    Be an adult and be smart. Protect and learn to love amd honor your self first and foremost. ❤️

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    1. The problem is, lots of men do the chores until the couple is settled. Then they stop. It shows that they are able to do it, but also that we all have this cultural scheme where women, once settled, take the most of it.

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    2. Starshine, you’re putting the work on women again. “Don’t spread your legs unless you know he does housework” is a ridiculous pressure to put on women. And you’re also commenting that the responsibility for STDs and unwanted pregnancy relies completely on women. When exactly is a man responsible for anything?


  2. Found this while browsing… Advice for men based on your comic emma… You are making a huge difference. I was able to talk to my husband about the emotional load that I carry and I have also been able to minimise that load because now I refuse to take responsibilities for people over 18 (which effectively disqualifies husband, mum and the other relatives)..

    View story at Medium.com


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