It’s not ideal, but …

This is something I thought a lot about when the Metoo movement happened.

Thanks a lot Anna for the translation !

It's not ideal but_001It's not ideal but_002It's not ideal but_003

It's not ideal but_004.png

It's not ideal but_005.pngIt's not ideal but_006It's not ideal but_007It's not ideal but_008It's not ideal but_009It's not ideal but_010It's not ideal but_011It's not ideal but_012

It's not ideal but_013.png

It's not ideal but_014.png

It's not ideal but_015.pngIt's not ideal but_016

It's not ideal but_017.pngIt's not ideal but_018It's not ideal but_019It's not ideal but_020It's not ideal but_021

It's not ideal but_022.png

It's not ideal but_023.pngIt's not ideal but_024It's not ideal but_025

It's not ideal but_026.png

It's not ideal but_027.pngIt's not ideal but_028

It's not ideal but_029.pngIt's not ideal but_030


5 thoughts on “It’s not ideal, but …

  1. I am thankful for your work. When I read this, it awakens so much anger in me. How I wish I could hurt every one of the assholes who hurt me when I was a teenager and a young woman. I hate men now and would never want to have anything to do with them.

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  2. I am also thankful for your work. When I read this, I had a very different reaction from Rita. I thought about the men I cherish in my life and wondered if this strip might be an productive source of discussion for us. In the shared hope that our children will never need to say, “Me, too,” I will ask them instead, “Can we talk?”


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