22 thoughts on “It’s not ideal, but …

  1. I am thankful for your work. When I read this, it awakens so much anger in me. How I wish I could hurt every one of the assholes who hurt me when I was a teenager and a young woman. I hate men now and would never want to have anything to do with them.

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    1. Hi Rita, I am really sorry that you have had such horrible experiences with men. I completely empathize as I was raped by my restaurant boss as a teenager. I hated men for many years, but I no longer do. My husband is my best friend, and not only a wonderful man, but the best person I have ever met. I hope that your relationship to men can get better. There are good men out there, and hopefully as society changes to address the issue of rape culture there will only be more going forward.

      Wishing you the best in your future – Lizzy

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  2. I am also thankful for your work. When I read this, I had a very different reaction from Rita. I thought about the men I cherish in my life and wondered if this strip might be an productive source of discussion for us. In the shared hope that our children will never need to say, “Me, too,” I will ask them instead, “Can we talk?”

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  3. There needs to be so much more education for boys/men in all areas of equality. So few males are willing to take responsibility for their actions, so few males are willing to take on household intellectual burdens, so few males truely want equality, so few males are willing to think beyond testosterone.

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    1. Yes. I made a point of coming here from their site and linking the original just to avoid the ads. They credit you, but if they aren’t paying you they’re still misusing your work.


  4. Awesome comics.
    Do you have them in Spanish? I would love to share with my spanish speaking loved ones. If not, would you care if i translate it?

    Thank you and the best of luck


  5. Thank you so much for this, I finally understand why I felt so weird about one experience I had when I was a teen. It is so important to stress these differences with our children, of any gender!


  6. This is bang on I can say I have experienced this and consent culture is something which needs to be promoted and learned by men as well as women. We learn a lot about science, history and geography but little or nothing about physical relationshisps, what is and what is not acceptable. I felt uncomfortable and that made me think something is not correct and then talking to friends and reading about it gave me a shock and a me too moment. What is a abuse and what is rape.
    Even when married your partner doesn’t have rights over you. So agree with your points that
    Rapists are not only the ones lurking in the dark it can be just anyone around you, friends, partners people known to you. We need to talk about it to our partner, brothers, father, cousin, children….what is acceptable and what is not.
    We grow up with wrong examples and think that is the norm which is not true, and then learn with bad experiences. This can change.
    I am never sure if I should write such things on public forums what will everyone think. But it’s something which needs to be shared and corrected. I have a child I want her to learn it the right way, which I am still struggling to understand.


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