Work ! (Why ?)

This is the second part of my comic on free time and work, translated by Una from 🙂

A few videos for further information (in French)

A vidéo from Usul about Friot and a wage for life

A video from “Arrêt sur images”…/Revenu-de-base-On-sacrifie…

A conference from a former executive who followed the same path I did : Economie mon amour

The famous conference from Lepage about work !



11 thoughts on “Work ! (Why ?)

  1. Amazing work, thank you! I’ll be assigning it for my Women’s Studies classes. I do a social re-imagining exercise at the end of the term. This video has a few of the central ideas: (after minute 5).
    these are the activities that students work through in small groups during class time:
    happy to nerd out anytime, thank you for your great work!

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  2. Dear Emma, your comic really struck me and made me rethink my whole career and my professional-being. Did you actually manage to get out of your bullshit job? I think the realization of being part of a shitty system is not as hard as getting out of it and manage to live a good life (where you’re not being exploited as I see it in our society: jobs that are contributing to humanity are the worst paid and make you feel really frustrated).


  3. Thank you, Emma! This really makes you think. I am an American expat living in Italy and I remember thinking when I first moved here how much less money must be spent on things like advertising in Italy (if you look around, it’s fairly obvious to American eyes) and also how much better the quality of life is here in many ways regarding the necessities. This comic made me see how these two factors might be connected… I also wonder if less “bullshit jobs” in Italy also plays a role in it being ranked the healthiest country in the world despite its economic struggles…interesting to think about. thanks for your constant inspiration!


  4. What is sad is I’ve tried my very best to have meaningful jobs e.g. in government, health, charity and social change. But I always end up loosing interest because in the end those jobs were bullshit too I don’t think they had the power to change anything. Everyone who works in those sectors knows it, which is why we all end up with the same outlook that you described. The truth is if wealth distribution was fairer our bullshit social change jobs wouldn’t be necessary.


  5. Hi! I’m a guy and a programmer. While my jobs are at times BS, one thing I’ve done is be upfront when I interview — I come in around time x, and I leave at time y so I can do “family time” at night. I can work some after family time, but I will not stay at work or do work at home during those hours. If something really really needs to get done, then so be it and I’ll squeeze it in at the end of the day/early the next morning. I’ve also stopped taking jobs with start-ups, and my schedule is something that is non-negotiable. So far I’ve managed to stay employed doing things that I think are cool. I believe this is one way to “move the needle” a bit towards a.) less BS at work, and b.) more time with family to do important things that need to be done at home.


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