This comic is about presenteeism, I think it is a typically french behavior which consist in staying late at work to be noticed, have wage raises and be promoted.

Thanks a lot Eva Zicler for the translation 😉


9 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Thank you so much for the English translation of this piece. As always, you are spot on. In the US we call “presenteeism” face time. I have been struggling with this since my son was born. My husband’s responsibilities at home would end at 8am when he would take our son to daycare, while I would get to work at 7am and my day would not end until I put our son to bed (after which my husband would come home from work). There is so much talk in my country of women earning less than men. Until men are expected to do half the work at home, and are supported by society in doing so, women will never achieve equal wages.


  2. Hi Emma, I have to tell you how much I loved your blog, and I don’t mean this is as a formality. I truly loved it. They are so relatable, well explained and wonderfully illustrated. The effort that you put in, is clearly viisible. Must say you’re very talented. Great job!


  3. Loved it. Especially the need to change our perspective — ‘You have a baby at home, and you are still here?’ and ‘What are you still doing here this late? Don’t you have a life’?
    Looking forward to your next post with your solution.


  4. So familiar. It’s definitely not just a French thing – I’ve seen this in South Africa, London and Switzerland. And it’s not just a problem for parents either (although YES the mothers are the ones it hits the hardest, from both sides). In every office I’ve worked in, it’s been obvious that the people who worked the longest hours were the least productive. The ones with the discipline to get things done before home time were the real stars. Study after study has shown that people are far more productive when they work FEWER hours. But the culture just doesn’t change.


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