13 thoughts on “One crisis will be enough

  1. Great article, just remember we don’t want to be fully equal to men, we only want to be equal when it suits us and we want to keep the privileges in the areas we have them.


    1. Equal doesn’t mean the same. It means equal dignity, equal respect, equal responsibility and equal opportunity.

      Men and women are not the same – we know this from people who have changed their sex by taking or suppressing sex related hormones.
      It changed their way of thinking and experiencing their surroundings.
      I have two sons and three daughters. And even if it would have been possible to raise them exactly the same – and on this one I disagree with Emma – I know, they still would have developed differently. But frankly, I’ve never tried to raise them the same. I’ve tried to raise them equally (!): Figuring out what each one of them needed and still needs to prosper and guiding and supporting them along their own individual way to the best of my ability. This had and has nothing to do with gender and all with respecting and embracing this unique and wonderful human being in frot of me.

      Men and women, each of them come with their own set of “privileges” (not so much the people who genetically or mentally identify with neither, but that’s a different story).
      But all of this superiority-inferiority realm of thinking is besides the point. Again, we don’t need to be the same, but we do need to be equal and see and respect one another as equal!

      Every single one of us has been dealt a unique set of cards. There is no better or worse in this, it’s just what it is.
      So now, let’s come together, as equals, and figure out, together, how we can play these cards in the best possible way for the best possible future for all of us!

      Thank you, Emma, for creating such a huge leap toward equality!!!


      1. Pax, there is a better and a worse.

        Men benefit, women don’t. You men leech off our efforts.

        Emancipate yourself from women and serve instead of take.



    2. It’s the internalized Misogyny for me. Ms Mendes, you are hurting women that don’t act like that( most don’t. Don’t mix up teens and adults lady cuz you’re so wrong I have secondhand embarrassment. )


  2. This is far too true for all women everywhere although it still made me smile. Well done for that. Is it OK to post your work on Quora in Undermine the Patriarchy? I am sure that there are many on there that would like to read this.


  3. This is wonderful. For me, the essence is that women are expected to and/or default to the “administrative” and menial tasks–work that uses a limited part of the brain, and that usually serves others in day to day things that appear to have no larger purpose. Of course they do, and the work is important, but for some reason it is assumed to be women’s job to do it. There is an underlying sense that men are doing something else that precludes the drudge work. As a second wave feminist I have lived most of my life unmarried. It’s a trade off–no fighting about the dishes and the garbage, but loneliness at times. No one to blame for what goes wrong in your life except yourself. I was lucky to have a productive and restful pandemic, horribly lonely though. Praise to the women who have kept life going for the world through all this.


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